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5 Reasons Why Art Makes A Great Gift Idea :: Posted by: Admin on November 24th, 2013

5 Reasons Original Art Makes Great Gifts

Art may not be the first thing that comes to mind when buying a gift but giving something original and unique as a gift, can be very special. Art is also a gift suited to various types of occasion.

Why Art Makes A Great Gift Idea

From Christmas and Birthday presents to Wedding, Engagement or Anniversary gifts. And don’t lets forget the other events we buy for, leaving work, retiring, saying thank you, moving to a new home / house warming, maybe think out of the box and give a piece of original art.

And one thing for sure, if its a one of a kind painting, the recipient of the gift won’t get two of them …..

Why Original Art makes a wonderful present

  • 1 Art can be a gift to suit lots of events and occasions.
  • 2 Giving Original Artwork and your gift will be unique!
  • 3 Art can be displayed in many ways, framed, mounted and or free standing
  • 4 Can be a keepsake for a special event, enjoyed by more than one person so lovely as family or couples gift
  • 5 The choice and style is amazingly wide and varied ……

Original Art In Wax

Encaustic Art

The paintings shown in the article are Encaustic Art, they have been created with hot wax, these wax paintings are vibrant in colour, the artwork also has an amazing soft sheen.

About the artist

Artist Hazel Rayfield has a passion for painting in hot wax, for more information please visit her Art In Wax website where you can view her online gallery and even watch Hazel paint using heat tools in the demonstrations section of the website.

Buying Art : visit The Art In Wax Shop

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