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How to remove Rawl plugs :: Posted by: Admin on September 13th, 2013

How to remove Rawl plugs

Rawl plugs or wall plugs, screw anchor or dowels as they are known are a handy way of securely fixing something to a wall or floor for example. First invented and marketed by British engineer and inventor John Joseph Rawlings around 1910. But what do you do when you remove the item you fixed, say, shelving to a wall, what do you do with the old fixings in the wall?

You could think you will simply fill over them and decorate, but most rawl plugs have a flange on the end that doesn’t go into the wall but instead sits proud, on the wall surface. If you fill over this and then decorate you will still see the end of the plug showing through your decoration in the way of a horrible lump.

Now, you could simply remove this flange so there isn’t any of the plug sitting proud, then fill, sand and decorate, alternatively you can try knocking in the plug further into the wall and then fill, sand and decorate.

Or you can do my preferred method, remove them from the wall altogether. Now this isn’t as hard as it may sound.

Removing Rawl plugs

If the hole drilled originally was the correct size for the plug used it shouldn’t be too hard to remove, to remove a plug you will need a claw hammer or pliers, a screw and a screwdriver, optional is an old scrap of wood to lever off to ensure you do not damage the wall.

Take the screw and screw it into the rawlplug two or three threads using the screwdriver. Then take either the pliers or claw hammer and gently pull or lever out the plug, to stop the risk of denting the wall, lever the claw hammer off of the piece of scrap wood.

Removing a rawlplug video

Below is a quick demonstration of removing a rawlplug with a claw hammer and screw.

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