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5 Space Saving, Storage Making Ideas for Your Home post contributed by Big Yellow :: Posted by: Admin on March 8th, 2017

5 Space Saving, Storage Making Ideas for Your Home

It seems to be a fact of life that no matter how big our living spaces, our possessions expand to fill it. Knowing how to maximise your storage areas, and find underused places around the house, is the trick to controlling your space and your possessions.

Here are five ways to make the most of what you probably already have:

1. Finding Hidden Spaces

There are hidden spaces inside every house. Here are a few of them:

Under the stairs. Whether it’s a cavernous area or a pokey little cupboard, you can get more out of this space by installing shelves or coat hooks if you have the height.

Beneath the kitchen cabinets. Normally covered by kick boards that are relatively easy to replace with lift up flaps, these hidden storage areas can hold a multitude of items from board games to flat sports equipment such as racquets or bats, or even baking trays and roasting tins.

Above and between doorways. The areas above doors are hardly ever used, not even for picture hanging. But install a shelf above the door and you have a handy storage area for books or decorative items you want to keep out of reach of the children. If you have two doors close together, you could consider installing vertical shelving in the narrow gap between the doors as well as shelving over. As well as increasing storage area, it creates a feature by giving the impression of a recessed doorway.

2. Rotating Possessions

A good idea, but many people never consider rotating their possessions according to season by putting items not in use into self storage. Prime candidates include seasonal gardening equipment and furniture, or items that are only used occasionally such as large dining tables, spare beds, or out of season clothes that otherwise take up space in the wardrobe.

Rotating children’s toys is also a good idea, especially large items that take up a lot of space. It works very well with toys that are no longer played with but that you don’t want to part with, since putting them away for a few months gives them a new novelty value when they’re returned.

Self storage spaces can be cheap to rent and have short-term contracts so you’re not locked in. They are in handy town locations and have long opening hours for easy access to your possessions. There is also a wide range of storage room sizes available to suit all needs and budgets.

3. Creating Activity Zones

You can create all kinds of activity zones at home, from a dining area in the kitchen to a quiet nook for children to complete their homework. Whether you’re creating a cosy library in a child’s bedroom or cordoning off an area in the living room for a computer workstation, the idea is to have everything needed for the activity located within that area. This keeps the rest of the house tidy, and encourages the activity since everything needed is readily to hand.

4. Thinking Vertically

Open shelving is fashionable, and there are many different styles to choose from to suit any kind of decor. By using open shelves instead of bookcases, you keep more of the floor area clear, and so create the illusion of more space.

Open shelving works especially well in kitchens, providing additional space to store either recipe books or decorative crockery and utensils. If you don’t have much wall space in the kitchen, it’s possible to install narrow shelving beneath existing wall cabinets, creating additional space for herb and spice containers.

5. Storage Furniture

Storage furniture looks as neat as conventional furniture, but with the added benefit of providing storage for all the bits and bobs that tend to clutter up living rooms, bedrooms or bathrooms.

Coffee tables or end tables with built-in drawers and shelves beneath provide handy hiding places for TV remotes, games consoles, tablets, phones, and chargers. In both master bedrooms and children’s bedrooms, Ottoman style beds have cavernous spaces underneath the mattresses in which to store spare linens, bedding or toys and games.

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10 ways to improve your property :: Posted by: Admin on July 11th, 2013

Graphic of house on scales with money on other end

10 ways to improve your property

If you are thinking of selling your property or simply want to give it an update but wish to add value to your property also, the following 10 ways to improve your property is a good start. They are in no particular order of importance, cost or value adding potential.

As with all improvements you need to decide the reason behind them, if it is to add value to your house you should always research the local area to find out if doing a job will actually add value. If you just want to update your house for you then it is less of a consideration but be careful not to do things to devalue your property.

Garden – Do you have kerb appeal

Is your garden in need of some work, is the grass up to your knees or does it resemble a jungle? The first thing people see as they come to your property is your garden. Simply by keeping it neat and tidy will increase the kerb appeal. Simple things such as weeding the borders, cutting the grass and having well planned all year round plants is maybe all you need to do. If you wish to go a stage further you could use weed control membrane and coloured slate, some coloured pots and maybe even block pave the driveway, this is obviously more expensive but will improve the look and initial appearance of your home.

Environmentally friendly house

Is your property Environmentally friendly? Many people are looking to buy houses that are Environmentally friendly nowadays, for example short flush toilets, double glazed windows, water collection devices such water butts to recycle rain water or condensing boiler. All these things could not only benefit you, the home owner, but also the environment and are all good selling points.

New kitchen?

The kitchen for most homes is the hub of the house, it is where you make meals, maybe eat, and often meet other family members from the household passing through, it can be the organisational hub also with notes stuck on the fridge. A kitchen is also a great selling point of a property, does your kitchen look old and tired, is it 20 years old? There is nothing wrong with an old kitchen, they will often last for years it’s just the fashion and trends that change but the carcass or the kitchen maybe nearly as good as new.

Instead of ripping the entire kitchen out why not consider either having it painted or just replace the doors and worktops to give your kitchen a modern look and feel. There are lots of companies offering replacement doors and worktops online. And you can save yourself a small fortune at the same time.


Everyone likes a nice bathroom, a nice suite and well heated. So if your bathroom isn’t that welcoming you may consider doing it up, especially before selling. You don’t, unless you want to, need to install an entire new suite, replacing taps and getting rid of that old wooden toilet seat and replace it with a new one or a plastic one could be an idea.

Adding a few tiles could brighten up a bathroom and make it easy for mopping up splashes, especially around the bath or basin. Re-grouting your existing tiles could make the bathroom look cleaner and more appealing to potential buyers.

Another consideration is flooring, carpet may seem a good idea and feel nice on your feet in the morning but if your selling your house people may prefer a tiled floor or a vinyl flooring as it is more hygienic and easier to keep clean.

Flooring – carpets or hardwood flooring

Flooring is a large expense so you have to make to right decision, do you go for carpet or a laminate or hardwood floor? If you have cats or dogs a laminate or hardwood floor maybe a better choice than carpet. A dark carpet rather than a light coloured one would be best in a high traffic area, such as by a front or rear door. Hardwood and laminate floors are quick and easy to keep clean, simply brush them over with a broom.

The expense has to be a consideration also, especially if you are thinking of moving. Saving that worn out carpet will not help sell a house whereby a nice hardwood floor may do.


Storage is always a problem in most households, there is never enough space to keep everything we have nowadays. If you can build storage space it will certainly improve your properties look as all the clutter can be put away. For example, can you make a window seat with storage under the seat? Maybe you can build cupboards under the stairs, or build a toy box for the end of the kids bed.

Any space that can be utilised for storage will make your home run better and could add value to it also, as people always look for storage spaces when viewing a property.


If you have the money you could always build, either an extension or convert the loft maybe, but you don’t have to go for a full on build, simply re-thinking a house and altering it may make the house work better and add value, for example adding an en-suit. A garden room or conservatory is another way of extending and would make a great play room for the kids, or a nice quiet place to relax in an evening.

You could also consider a garage conversion if you don’t use your garage for a car, but consider this carefully as it could affect the selling price later on.

Redecorate -Interior

It may seem obvious but redecorating is a relatively cheap way of improving your property, all houses need to be decorated from time to time as the décor gets tired and may suffer from the knocks and scratches of everyday life. Buying a tin of paint and painting a room can transfer how it looks, bringing it up to date by using a fashionable colour perhaps.

Adding wallpaper, even a feature wall can make a room more sophisticated and doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Redecorate – Exterior

The exterior of your house is just as important if not more so to maintain. Keeping the exterior paintwork such as fascia’s and soffits, doors and windows painted will keep the weather out and reduce the risk of them rotting.

Masonry also needs to be kept in good condition to stop damp from getting in.

Having a well maintained house gives a property great kerb appeal and could help sell a house.


Cavity and solid wall

Sounds boring doesn’t it? But a well insulated house will have smaller energy bills than those houses with minimal or no insulation. Cavity walls and loft insulation can be done at any time and you may even be able to get a grant to help with the costs. If you haven’t got cavity walls you could line the walls with a thermal liner to reduce heat loss.

Upvc windows and doors with special coated glass will keep the cold out, look for the highest rated glass when you have them fitted. Also adding Upvc windows and doors is nowadays a great selling point as not only does it reduce the energy bills but also noise and or course there is no maintenance except cleaning them.

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